Friday, April 14, 2017

Anyone want to type the characters in my book?

I’m making my book available for free on Kindle between now and Sunday, if anyone wants to check it out. If any of my followers that are interested in the MBTI and/or the enneagram want to type my characters, I’d be really curious to read your analyses. Or, if you like horror and just want to grab a free book, that works too.

It takes place in New Orleans. The main character, Aletheia, is an anxious and melancholy tarot reader in Jackson Square. At the start of the story, she’s just learned that her closest friend was murdered by a serial killer targeting tarot readers. They’re bizarre murders in that the killer creates gruesome tableaus and leaves a tarot card in the victims’ hands and is working through the swords suit in the tarot, all the while going completely undetected, despite the bodies being littered around the heavily trafficked French Quarter.

There are four central characters in the book. In addition to Aletheia, there’s Edgar, the somewhat emotionally needy drug dealer that’s infatuated with her; Martin, the unconventional detective with Santeria sigils tattooed all over his arms and Lilly, an eccentric and detached tarot reader with a propensity for saying unusual but vaguely prophetic things. These characters, to varying degrees, try to use their occult knowledge and intuition to figure out who did it as the killings pile up amidst a complex web of social relationships.

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