Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random Enneagram Conversation

So, I wore my enneagram t-shirt to Petco today…

Cashier: What's that symbol mean?
Me: Oh…well, it's the enneagram…uh, it's a system to find your personality type.
Cashier: What's a personality type?
Me: Oh. Uh…well, are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs?
Cashier:Myers what?
Me: Oh. Hrm…
Cashier: Is it a devil worshipping thing? If it is, I want to hear all about it.
Me: No, nothing like that. The symbol is an enneagram. Each point represents a different personality.
Cashier: So, you're like Sybil, then?
Me: No, everyone just has one. You can learn about yourself and other people. You know, the Jesuits really like it. Loyola has workshops all the time--
Cashier: Oh, I see.

(To my husband, after we leave)
Me: This is why I never leave the house.

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